Central Hill: A Case Study in Estate Regeneration

GERALDINE DENING und SIMON ELMER, Architects for Social Housing, London

DIENSTAG, den 24.04.2018

um 18:30 Uhr
Hörsaal PK 4.7 (TU-Altgebäude)

Architects for Social Housing (ASH) has just published a book-length report based on our work on the alternative to the demolition of the 476-home Central Hill council estate in South London. Titled Central Hill: A Case Study in Estate Regeneration, the report includes not only ASH’s designs for the estate’s refurbishment and increase inhousing capacity by up to 50 per cent without demolition of a single home, but also our account of why and how these proposals were rejected by the local authority, Lambeth council, which last March announced the decision to demolish the entire estate. ASH will be
formally launching the report on 26 April, one week before the local elections in the UK.

At present there is nothing, either in current government legislation or in the housing policies of the three major political parties in the UK, that will stop local authorities from following the same practices Lambeth council employed to push through their plans to demolish Central Hill estate against both the wishes of 77 per cent of the residents and the demonstrable social, financial and environmental benefits of the design alternatives. Central Hill: A Case Study in Estate Regeneration is not only a presentation of what these alternatives can be, but also an example of why and how legislation needs to change for these alternatives to become the enforceable default option for local authorities and housing associations when undertaking the regeneration of a housing estate. ASH founders Geraldine Dening and Simon Elmer will be presenting and talking about their report and its implications for the architectural profession and other housing professionals.

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